Sunday, February 5, 2012

Episode 1: New Beginnings

TTDL (Things To Do List) aka WIPS:
  Sox- Blue Ridge Yarns Footprint base Caribbean Cooler colorway US 2
  Vivian- by Ysolda Teague. Valley Yarns Colrain Steel colorway US 7
Bottom of the TTDL aka hibernating WIPS:
   Alice- by Alexandra Virgil NoName Millend yarn US 6
TTDL (Crossed Off the TTDL) aka FO's:
   Stripey Sox- Knitpicks Felici Rainbow colorway
   198 yrds of Heaven by Christy Verity   Malabrigo Rios Purpuras colorway
   CandleFlame Cowl by Julia Allen  MadelineTosh Vintage Gilded colorway
   Shalom by Meghan McFarlan Bernat Natural Alpaca colorway natural
 On The Agenda
   Three Irish Girls Adorn sockyarn base Saltwater Taffy
   Kramer Yarns 


  1. Hi, Nice to see you are back! Episode was great except for the microphone issue. That yarn you dyed is gorgeous and I'd use it for the scarf version of this: or
    Thanks and see you at the next episode,

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. The mic kept falling over. I am going to find a more stable surface for it to rest on next week. And I will be adding both of those to the queue.

  2. Anna already mentioned the one thing I was going to mention as negative feedback, so I'll skip that. The good feedback is that you're awfully "real", fun to listen to, and interesting. I'll be adding you to my feed catcher momentarily :)
    The Adorn sock yarn you showed is gorgeous, and I think it would look fantastic as a pair of, even though it may take you forever to get them done :)
    Thanks for an entertaining hour! Now I have to stop procrastinating and actually go and do the dishes.

    1. Maya, That really IS good feedback. I like that I come across real. I was a little worried that my real me would be too dorky. Thanks for the add. I've added you to my Instacast as well. Thanks

  3. I am glad to see you are BACK! I really enjoy listening to you. I think you did a fantastic job. You held my interest. The more I listened the more I felt like we are old friends. You knit beautifully. I think, that yarn is to pretty to be socks. I can see some lovely shawls done with it♥ Keep the shows coming. I look forward to more time with you.

    1. Yay A returning viewer. They DO exist! lol. Thanks for coming back after such a long time. I guess I need to do some "swatching" to see how it would look in a shawl. Come hang out anytime.

  4. I don't see any show notes showing info regarding your cabled sweater.

    1. I'm getting on that RIGHT now! lol. In the meantime it's Vivian by Ysolda Teague. I'm going to try to type up the shownotes before I begin the upload process next time. Thanks for watching.

    2. Did I hear you say your name is Dorian??????

      I've found the Multnomah Shawl to be a great little shawl to grab as I go out the door. Why not your brown, pink, yellow?

      For your your hand-dyed, why not the My Wish???

      Check out either my Rav Projects or my blog at:

      I've both Shawls posted in my blog.

      BTW, Kim/CraftStash sent me.